Alarm Response

Alarm-response Your alarm may be monitored but who is going to respond to the alarm when the monitoring centre informs you of a problem at 2am?

Burglars, fire or medical emergencies can strike your premises or people at any time. That’s why the CedarOak Alarm Response Centre never sleeps.

When our 24 hour Support Centre is notified that your burglar alarm, smoke or fire alarm or medical alarm has been activated, expect an immediate response.

CedarOak Security responds immediately to:

  • intruders
  • fire, smoke or heat
  • movement where there should be none
  • glass breaking
  • doors or windows opening
  • medical alarms
  • personal panic alarms
  • tampering with your security system
  • power failure or alarm batteries running down
  • phone line faults

Additional Response Services Include:

  • Response to equipment and machinery alarms
  • Duress or distress calls which may require a response
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition Systems) a computerised “welfare check in” system for staff, particularly those on shift work.

To request a security officer or to find out how our alarm response team can improve your security, email


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