Retail Security Services

Retail-security-page As a specialist in Retail Security or Retail Loss Prevention, we have a specialized team of people dedicated to reducing stock shrinkage through shoplifting or theft.

This dedicated team is highly trained in covert “plain-clothes” surveillance and in handling suspects in the most appropriate manner.

Our loss prevention officers are highly skilled and trained in both areas of security and customer service.

CedarOak Security can tailor surveillance to your needs from plain clothes to uniform, fixed or random hours, floor walkers or CCTV.

Not only can our dedicated Retail Security operators minimize your ongoing losses, we have also developed short term CCTV options for resolving specific one-off problems with stock losses.

To find out how CedarOak Security can improve the security of your business or to request a retail security service personnel, email or telephone 0800 689 9747.

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