Licensed Security Officers

security-officers-page Our security personnel are selected for their commitment, professionalism, presentation and integrity.

We take particular care to position the right person in the right place, depending on the service required from the public interface of large crowds and retail loss prevention, to the detailed work of surveillance.

CedarOak Security Officers are deployed throughout the country 24 hours a day protecting, providing deterrents and reporting information.

Our client base includes international and national corporations, universities, supermarkets, factories, schools and film sets.

Our Security officers are focused on identifying security and safety issues, responding and dealing with alarms, while complying with client directives and company operating procedures.

All operations staff have site specific manuals, determining the way in which staff operate and specific incident procedures.

CedarOak Security also has rigid and specific standard operating procedures that standardise patrolling methods and ensure client’s requirements are met. All activities and movements are recorded in manual or digital log books.

Whatever your Security Officer requirements, whether long term or short term, CedarOak Security can provide licensed, experienced, motivated and competent staff able to perform a wide range of security activities.

To request a Licenced Security Officer or to find out how CedarOak Security can improve your security email

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